Global experts on packaging for distribution will gather at ISTA’s European Packaging Symposium


Global experts will explore packaging innovation and the current trends that may affect transportation packaging at ISTA´s European Packaging Symposium, to be held on 5-7 March in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The event will include presentations by representatives from AMAZON, IKEA, IBM, HP, INTEL CORPORATION, FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT IML, METROPACK, SEALED AIR, SMURFIT KAPPA, SAFE LOAD TESTING TECHNOLOGIES, VIBRATION RESEARCH, ISTA, ITENE, and NVC.

Under the title «Industry 4.0: Packaging Innovation and Impacts in a Changing World», the main European forum on packaging for distribution will analyse the impacts on the transport package due to current transformations driven by the advances in automation, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things (IoT), 3D printing, e-commerce systems and rising concerns for sustainability.

This symposium is organised by ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) with the support from ITENE (Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center) and NVC (Netherlands Packaging Centre), and it is sponsored by SMURFIT KAPPA as a Platinum Sponsor; THP SYSTEMS, SAFE LOAD TESTING TECHNOLOGIES, and SEALED AIR, as Gold Sponsors, and DS SMITH TECNICARTON and VIBRATION RESEARCH, as Silver Sponsors. The program will include three main segments devoted to e-commerce, industry 4.0 and testing technologies for risk assessment in distribution.

The event will kick-off with a series of presentations focused on the changes introduced by e-commerce. In this area, representatives from SMURFIT KAPPA will give insights on the choices to make for developing the packaging portfolio for e-commerce, while NVC will present its innovation project Web Retail Packaging, in which retailers, manufacturers andsuppliers of packaging and related services work together.

Moreover, ISTA will explain how this association is working with the industry to address the performance demanded of packaging. Meanwhile, INTEL will focus on the indoor environment changes and the impacts on the packaging, and AMAZON will present the design process for the latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

Regarding the impacts of industry 4.0, IBM will demonstrate how using new artificial intelligence tools like «Watson Analytics» can glean shipping damage trends and other focus areas for packaging and supply chain improvements given structured shipping data. ITENE will approach a methodology for monitoring critical parameters in the distribution of fresh products, and HP will show new developments in 3D printing.

Also related to the industry 4.0, FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT IML will expose the effect of digitalization on the distribution of palletized unit load, and SEALED AIR will explore the connection between new technologies in mechanisation and automation and how they interact with the packaging and logistics requirements to fulfil the needs of the consumer.

In terms of packaging optimization and risk assessment in distribution, IKEA will explain their so-called Democratic Design, aimed at combining form, function, quality, sustainability at a low price, while SAFE LOAD TESTING TECHNOLOGIES will present a practical case on a simulation procedure to validate a packaging system including different vibrations, shocks, and statics and dynamics mechanical stresses.

Furthermore, HP will talk about insulated containers used for winter-shipments on the Silk Road, and METROPACK will address the horizontal phenomena of long duration, which can have a direct impact on the stability of the products. VIBRATION RESEARCH will show a case study focused on bus seat failures not predicted by industry standard tests.

ISTA’s European Packaging Symposium, which will take place at the Marriott Hotel in the Dutch capital, will bring together around 100 professionals, including directors, managers and technicians of logistics, packaging, production, purchasing, R&D, product design and development of companies in the packaging, transport, logistics and storage sectors, large distribution, consumer goods, electronics, capital goods, testing laboratories and test equipment, among others.


See the full program at:

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