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Footwear Technology Centre

INESCOP turns knowledge into innovations that can be used by companies to generate value and gain competitiveness.

Its main lines of research respond to the current challenges of the footwear sector and its entire value chain: digital transformation, reduction of environmental impact and ensuring the comfort and health of users.

INESCOP has the largest specialized footwear laboratory in Spain, capable of performing more than 600 tests on materials and finished footwear. In addition to being accredited by ENAC, they are the Control Body for the CE certification of footwear for professional use.

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8 June 2022

Industrial CO2 emissions transformed into paints, varnishes and adhesives for footwear and furniture

AIDIMME, the Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Technological Institute; AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre; and INESCOP, the...

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Our 2020 Annual Report summarizes REDIT’s main activities throughout the year and provides a selection of projects carried out by our Technology Institutes.

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This is a REDIT tool providing public access to all the capabilities of our Technology Institutes: knowledge areas, technological lines and sectors of application, as well as many major projects and available resources and infrastructure.


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