what is redit

What is REDIT?


The Technology Institute Network of the Valencian Community (REDIT) is a private, non-profit association integrating and representing the 11 technology centres in the region.

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Technology Institute Network of the Valencian Community

REDIT’s goal is to offer a wide range of innovation tools for companies, especially SMEs and micro-SMEs, and foster sectoral diversification.

A centre for industrial technology development helping businesses to improve their innovative competitiveness.

We have available a wide catalogue of R&D&I capabilities, advanced services, laboratory tests, advisory services and specialised training. Covering the main productive and technological sectors.

We have extensive infrastructure comprising almost 200 laboratories, and market and trend observatories that allow us to anticipate the kind of technological needs and demands companies will require in the future.

Every year we carry out over one thousand R&D&I projects, from amongst our broad client base. We help them to obtain financing for their projects and offer specialised training courses as well. We enhance the companies that work with us and ensure that their turnover grows.

Research, development and innovation have proven to be a fundamental factor in the economic growth of the Valencian Community. Building a path together and sharing risks to drive innovation.

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Our 2020 Annual Report summarizes REDIT’s main activities throughout the year and provides a selection of projects carried out by our Technology Institutes.

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This is a REDIT tool providing public access to all the capabilities of our Technology Institutes: knowledge areas, technological lines and sectors of application, as well as many major projects and available resources and infrastructure.


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