The AIDIMME Technology Institute promotes and develops R&D initiatives and offers advanced services in 9 areas of knowledge, such as Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, product development and optimization, advanced applications of materials, materials toxicity, biomaterials, modified surfaces, packaging systems, and the circular economy. The Institute covers areas from any related sector, from materials and coatings […]



AIJU promotes innovation and knowledge in children’s and leisure products for companies. The Institute has an extensive team of experts in child safety, advanced manufacturing, psychology and education to assist and advise organizations and ensure product success. The Institute’s objective is to optimize the process of creating products for children, from the basic idea all […]



AIMPLAS offers comprehensive and personalized solutions for the plastics sector through R&D&I projects and specialized services. This centre provides expertise for the development of new technologies and sustainable products. AIMPLAS’s priority is to add value to companies and respond to social challenges, thus improving people’s quality of life while ensuring environmental sustainability.



AINIA is an innovation centre with over 700 associated companies and 30 years of experience. This Centre works to boost competitiveness by providing clients with differentiated innovation solutions, through multiple technologies covering different capacities and research areas such as: biotechnology, packaging technologies, microencapsulation, sensory research, unique technologies, advanced vision, artificial intelligence and big data and […]



AITEX carries out research, characterization tests and certification of textile products for various areas, including fashion, health and medicine, hygiene, cosmetics, protective equipment or sports, among others. Companies with AITEX certificates guarantee the quality and safety of their products in a wide range of sectors such as habitat, fashion and clothing, health and medicine, hygiene […]



The IBV studies the behaviour of the human body and its relationship with products, services and environments that people use. The IBV develops and transfers scientific knowledge and technologies to improve people’s health, well-being and the quality of their lives, adding value to companies and the social and economic environment. The priority of the IBV […]



INESCOP turns knowledge into innovations that can be used by companies to generate value and gain competitiveness. Its main lines of research respond to the current challenges of the footwear sector and its entire value chain: digital transformation, reduction of environmental impact and ensuring the comfort and health of users. INESCOP has the largest specialized […]



The ITC responds to the needs and requirements of the Spanish ceramic cluster industries, having articulated a university-business cooperation system that has paid off greatly in recent years, elevating the industry to a relevant strategic position on a global scale. Companies in the industry need to solve their problems immediately, access scientific infrastructures and highly […]



The ITE collaborates with companies to promote technological development and improve product and process competitiveness. It offers a wide range of R&D&I services focused on future networking, energy storage, mobility, sustainability and the circular economy: hydrogen, batteries, local energy communities and digitization, among others. The ITE has over 25 years of experience in the international […]



The ITENE technology centre offers companies cutting-edge knowledge to transform the present and build a safer, more sustainable and digital future in four major areas: materials and technologies for the circular economy; safety, design and functionality in containers and packaging; chemical exposure and environmental monitoring; and logistics and smart mobility. Thanks to its team of […]



The ITI develops R&D&I applied to the needs of companies today. Its objective is to find advanced and innovative technological solutions that help to solve economic and social challenges, improve business and industrial competitiveness and promote a more sustainable society. The ITI develops technologies based on the capture and use of data such as artificial […]