In 2014, the 13 associated centers of REDIT have worked for 11.100 customers clients and 5.300 associated companies for which they have developed 788 R& D+i projects . In all, the Institutes have earnt 87 million euros, of which 59% has come from companies invoicing and 41% of competitive public funds.

ITI held on 6th July the General Assembly of Associates. During the meeting, José Bernabeu and Laura Olcina, Scientific Director and Managing Director of ITI respectively, have highlighted the year 2014 as a year of great of activity .

The project Co -efficient has involved 10 partners from five Mediterranean countries to improve the use of energy, introducing significant technological and behavioral changes in the field of operations and production processes.

During the summer holidays increases the use of plastic containers, but also recycling habits relax. To encourage proper recycling of plastics also during the summer AIMPLAS has compiled a set of recommendations.

AIDO is part of the consortium developing this European project, which aims to raise awareness among companies, employees and students working in the field of graphic arts and creative industry.

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