The members of the Committee on Industry of the Valencian Parliament, led by its President, Victor Garcia, have visited the facilities of the Technological Institute of Plastics (Aimplas) and the Metalmechanics Technological Institute (AIMME). This is their second visit ​​to the centers of the Network of Technological Institutes, REDIT .

REDIT, as the representative association of the Technological Institutes, and in relation to the information recently published, has stated that welcomes the measures aimed at clarifying any kind of misconduct that may have occurred in the management of public funds in the context Institutes of Technology.

Bajo el lema “La fábrica de calzado del futuro”, el XIX Congreso de la UITIC, que se celebra en India, busca analizar la repercusión que los avances tecnológicos tienen en la modernización de las fábricas, e identificar las tendencias del futuro en la fabricación.

The accident insurance company UMIVALE, and the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) have signed a collaboration agreement to ratify the work that has been developed jointly in research and innovation.

ITENE and AIJU are working on the development of innovative packaging for children's food. Specifically, they are carrying out the design, the development and the optimization of packaging systems for microwave heating and self-heating.

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