The Mutual Guarantee Association of Valencia (SGR) and the Network of Technological Institutes of Valencia (REDIT) have signed a collaboration agreement that has, among other objectives, to promote the access to financing the companies  which are parterns or customers of any of the thirteen Technological Centers of the Network.

AIDO works on a test to diagnose Alzheimer, Ainia does it in a system of melanoma early detection and AITEX in skin regeneration project for major burns. Furthermore, other projects with AIMPLAS, IBV and ITI have been also financed by the IIS La Fe.

ITENE organizes the Conference and Brokerage Event "Packaging and Innovation Solutions for food SMEs, which will be held the 23rd May at the Hispack & Bta Fair in Barcelona, in the framework of the TRADEIT Project.

The Technological Institute for Child Product and Leisure (AIJU) reminds the parents that bouncy castles must meet safety regulations so that they are safe for children.

AIMPLAS has closed 2014 with a total of 133 of R+D+i projects, of which the most importants are developed in the packaging sector, construction,  automotive recycling and environment.

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