More than 270 professionals have confirmed their attendance at MEETINGPACK 2022 to learn about the latest technological solutions for more sustainable barrier food packaging


More than 270 people have confirmed their attendance at MeetingPack 2022, where more than 30 speakers and a team of nearly 60 sponsors, collaborators and media outlets will address the challenges and opportunities posed by the circular economy in the barrier food packaging industry. This fifth edition of MeetingPack will be held on 20-21 April at the Valencia Conference Centre. The extensive event program is structured in seven thematic sessions, in which leading companies throughout the value chain will present their latest technological solutions for more sustainable barrier packaging.

The main suppliers of packaging material will present their latest innovations. At a roundtable discussion moderated by the RSM, representatives from the companies LyondellBasell, UBE, Lubrizol and Sunchemical will speak about new, more sustainable materials and coatings that endow packaging with barrier properties. The companies FKUR and Novamont will present their latest advances in the field of bioplastics, including a thermoplastic starch made from plant-based components combined with biodegradable polyesters.

The sessions on sustainable films, sheets and trays will boast the presence of field experts from the Enplater Group, who will present a type of flexible, single-layer, mono-material packaging with high barrier properties. This packaging is also heat resistant, so it can withstand thermal treatments such as sterilization and retorts. Leygatech, Faerch, Sealed Air and Constantia Flexibles will also present their new products. The company TIPA will present compostable films for manufacturing flexible packaging. In addition, Groupalia 4.0 will showcase its own innovations, including a technology that reduces film consumption by 40% and direct heat-sealing of metal packaging. AINIA will present its Fibtray patent: a sustainable packaging model made of cellulosic material with safer heat-sealing. It has a completely flat seal edge of uniform thickness with no breaks.

Raorsa, ITC, Plastipak, AIMPLAS and TBA will present their new developments in ISBM and EBM rigid and injection packaging. ITC will present the results of its Guacapack Project on a form of active packaging with high barrier, antioxidant and compostable properties made from avocado processing waste (avocado skin, pit and pulp). Plastipak will also present its new PET packaging with advanced properties, as well as its projects for PET mechanical recycling. AIMPLAS will present the results of the Techfood Project, which made it possible to develop rigid packaging with barrier and compostable properties that forms part of an innovative 3D food printing system.

The seminar on ecodesign, recyclability and certification will include the participation of TotalEnergies Corbion and VEOLIA. P&G will also speak about its marking system based on digital watermarks to encourage smart packaging recycling. SULAYR will present its advanced solution for recycling single-layer and multilayer PET trays. TPL will also showcase its developments in flexible food packaging with a high content of post-consumer recycled material that is suitable for food contact and chemical recycling plants.

Finally, in the session on success stories, representatives from food companies and groups such as Pascual, Pescanova and Interal will speak about their sustainability strategies for packaging. This content is essential to understand the direction packaging trends will take in the coming years. Pescanova will also present the internal tool it uses to analyse the environmental impact of its packaging. Moreover, Vytal will present its own success story in reusable packaging based on a traceability system that uses labels so packaging is returned for cleaning and subsequent reuse.

Recognizing and Rewarding Innovation

The very first edition of the MP2022 Awards will be held at MeetingPack with the aim of recognizing sustainable barrier packaging solutions developed by professionals and organizations for application in the food industry. Raorsa will also present its SIR Awards by Raorsa for Sustainability, Innovation and Recycling, which recognize new manufacturing processes and new materials.


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