14 Reasons to Innovate

Empresas que cambian el mundo

REDIT published this book in 2011, in which 70 collaborations between companies and Technological Institutes are collected. These are only a sample of the hundreds of projects that are carried out every year. 14 of these initiatives are detailed; from the idea the entrepreneur has in his mind until its materialization with the support of […]

Sustainability 2020


In this first installment of the 2020 Sustainability Report, we review the keys to continue innovating through responsibility and sustainability. An exercise in transparency that aims to set future goals that guarantee fair social and environmental development for all.



In the 2020 Annual Report we include the major milestones and successes of the Network, as well as a summary of the best projects of the year carried out in our centers, the annual figures, activities and synergies created between centers during the year.

The impact of REDIT’s Technological Institutes on the region


REDIT has prepared three studies that analyze the impact that technological centers have on the territory. These reports have been made in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team led by Professor Francisco Mas, Professor of Applied Economics at UPV and an expert in economics and innovation policy.


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