Network  of networks

Network of networks

Networks  of networks

Promoting connection for technological development and business growth

We are members of networks that include leading organizations in the world of R&D&I.

The aim of this Network of Networks is to connect our technological institutes with relevant bodies and make technological innovations and advice available to small and medium-sized companies to generate greater market competitiveness and boost the economy.

NETWORKS REDIT is a part of

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European Association of Research and Technology Organizations. With over 350 organizations in more than 20 countries. Comprising 150,000 highly qualified researchers and engineers who manage a wide range of innovation infrastructures.


Spanish Federation of Technology Centres. Working to foster and promote innovation, technological development and private research with the aim of increasing company competitiveness by strengthening Technology Institutes.

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Alliance of Innovative Technologies for the Valencian Community. INNDROMEDA has the collaboration of a variety of organizations working to promote the implementation and development of technologies, guaranteeing access to new and high technological infrastructures generating a new economy through highly competitive advantages.


The Regional Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization, S3, is a newly agreed European initiative for adapting  growth in all countries and regions in line with a common strategy. To achieve this, the intention is to take advantage of and promote synergies between regional, national and European public policies, and private investments in science, technology and innovation to achieve a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.

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SEIMED is part of the Enterprise Europe Network providing services to SMEs in the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia.

Its aim is to help SMEs to develop their innovative capacities through internationalization, technology transfer and access to finance.

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Our 2020 Annual Report summarizes REDIT’s main activities throughout the year and provides a selection of projects carried out by our Technology Institutes.

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This is a REDIT tool providing public access to all the capabilities of our Technology Institutes: knowledge areas, technological lines and sectors of application, as well as many major projects and available resources and infrastructure.


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