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New materials and coatings for healthcare will prevent transmission of hospital-acquired infection by microorganisms

Due to its magnitude, the COVID-19 pandemic is currently the focus of virtually all healthcare efforts. However, other public health problems continue to be of high concern for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), such as hospital-acquired infection. Diseases caused by microorganisms are transmitted through contact surfaces. Depending on their nature and […]

CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) and REDIT (Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community set to promote business innovation through knowledge

CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, and REDIT, the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community, recently signed a collaboration agreement to promote business innovation and technological development in Latin America. The agreement promotes the exchange and dissemination of information and methodologies; the generation of knowledge through research; the sharing of experiences amongst technology […]

New procedure for recycling end-of-life vehicle plastics set to reduce their carbon footprint by 75%

Pursuant to Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles, by end 2020 a reuse and recovery rate of at least 95% of a vehicle’s weight has to be achieved. Bearing in mind that about 20% of vehicle weight corresponds to plastic components, recovery of plastic materials in vehicles is of vital importance today. At present in Spain, […]

Valencia’s regional Ministry of Economy earmarks €400,000 in financing for the first 4.0 smart industry demonstrator for the footwear sector incorporating advanced technologies

The Valencian Regional Minister for Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labour, Rafa Climent, recently presented the first 4.0 smart industry demonstrator for the footwear and auxiliary industries sector in the town of Elda, with fifty leading entrepreneurs from the trade in attendance. This demonstrator was developed by the footwear technology institute INESCOP with a […]

Director-General for Environment of the European Commission, Daniel Calleja, presents the new European environmental policy at the REDIT board of directors

“We are faced with four major ecological crises of a planetary nature. Of the top 10 global risks detected by companies, five are environmental in nature. This is why we are preparing the European Green Pact within the European Union, where the environment will be a key factor in our future economic growth.” This was […]

INESCOP wins the “Best National Innovation in Biotechnology 2019” award for its materials biodegradation team

INESCOP came off with the “Best National Innovation in Biotechnology 2019” award for its biodegradation team. This award is an initiative promoted by the Spanish Inventors Club Association, which has been giving prizes to the best innovations in Spain for over 40 years. The winning entry was the result of close teamwork between INESCOP’s Biotechnology […]

Elisa Martín Garijo, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at IBM Spain: “Europe may have an opportunity on the technological level if it can find its own space”

“Europe may have an opportunity on the technological level if it can find its own space. If we just compete by doing the same as others, it’ll be too late, because we won’t be able to pick up enough speed.” This is what Elisa Martín Garijo, Technology and Innovation Officer at IBM, stated in her […]

IEEE stages world meeting in Valencia on 3D human body scanning

Digitally measuring the human body in 3D has become a valuable tool in sectors such as textiles and footwear, in which new types of products like clothing, accessories and custom shoes are being developed. This in turn is leading to innovation in products, services and business models based on 3D anthropometry of people around the […]

ECOGLUE I project to develop new bioadhesives from renewable sources

AIMPLAS and INESCOP focus research on bioadhesives for the footwear, construction and transport sectors Additive manufacturing is considered one of the enabling technologies in the process of evolution and convergence of companies in the plastics sector towards the industry 4.0 concept. This technology makes it possible to manufacture functional, high-added-value parts to compete with traditional […]

A packaging with two temperatures, bags and bottles with high recycled content and sustainable barrier packaging were exhibited at MeetingPack 2019

Companies from the entire plastic food packaging industry such as Danone, SP GROUP, Klöckner Pentaplast, Knauf Industries, Comexi, Cadel Deinking, Artibal or Plásticos Romero showed the attendees and the media their latest developments in a space designed to exhibit their innovations. The event organised by AIMPLAS and AINIA was a meeting point for more than […]

The IV edition of our Compounding workshop to be held at AIMPLAS’ facilities

On 29 and 30 May 2019, the IV edition of the compounding workshop ‘The art of mixing, reinforcing and incorporating additives to plastics’ will be held at AIMPLAS’ facilities in Valencia, Spain. Luis Roca, head of the Compounding department of AIMPLAS, will lead the workshop discussing the latest innovations in the field of compounding. This […]

MeetingPack 2019 to boost the circular economy regarding plastic barrier packaging for food and beverages

By 2030, all plastic packaging placed on the EU market should be reusable or recyclable. The achievement of this objective gives rise to an unprecedented time of changes and a boost of technological innovation in the packaging, retail and consumer goods’ sectors. The commitment to the circular economy, based on the principles of reducing, reusing […]

AITEX becomes a FIFA approved for the certification of artificial turf quality on football pitches

The demand to certify pitches in Spain is increasing almost daily and there are now 2,483 FIFA-certified pitches globally with 60 in Spain. The FIFA quality concept for synthetic surfaces “Football Turf” was created with the commitment to standardise the quality and the safety of artificial surfaces for footballers, and to encourage the development of artificial […]

Global experts on packaging for distribution will gather at ISTA’s European Packaging Symposium

Global experts will explore packaging innovation and the current trends that may affect transportation packaging at ISTA´s European Packaging Symposium, to be held on 5-7 March in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The event will include presentations by representatives from AMAZON, IKEA, IBM, HP, INTEL CORPORATION, FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT IML, METROPACK, SEALED AIR, SMURFIT KAPPA, SAFE LOAD TESTING TECHNOLOGIES, […]

Smart packaging to preserve the European audiovisual heritage more efficiently

A huge percentage of the recent European cultural heritage (CH) can be found in movies, photographs, posters and slides produced between 1895 and 1970. More than 75 years of visual and audio memories are in serious danger of being lost due to the natural instability of cellulose acetate (CA). In order to avoid this, they […]

More than 30 students of the UPV-Alcoy campus participated in the second edition of the textile design and development competition

The president of AITEX, Rafael Pascual and the Director of the Alcoy Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de València, Juan Ignacio Torregrosa presented the Awards for the Second Edition of the Home Textile Design and Development Competition organised by the AITEX Chair – UPV. This morning, the AITEX Chair-UPV presented Prizes of the Second Edition […]

InKreate solves the problems holding back the implementation of low cost 3D scanners and 3D sketching tools

After eighteen months of intense work, InKreate project ended on June 30th, right after having held the last consortium meeting at the project coordinator’s head offices, Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) in Valencia. Whereas the manufacturing and distribution of apparel industry has advanced in past years with the applications of new CAM and ITC technologies, the […]

European project ADGAMING 4th meeting

On March 23rd and 24th, 2018, the fourth meeting of the Ad-Gaming project took place in Bucharest (Romania). In this meeting, the materials included in the Ad-Gaming platform were reviewed and the pilot tests that will be carried out during the next months were prepared. In addition, within the meeting, a workshop to “train trainers” […]

Interested in developing foods with health claims? Let PATHWAY-27 guide you

At the 5th FoodOmics conference, researchers from the EU funded PATHWAY-27 FP7 project presented their newly released comprehensive and practical guidelines for the development of products with health claims. Developed in close collaboration with stakeholders, the guidelines will help all those with an interest in health claims applications. Health is one of the key drivers […]

New packages will allow to preserve films, photographs and records for longer

From the 1st February, AIMPLAS is coordinating the project NEMOSINE, which will help to preserve sociocultural memories of the European Cultural Heritage. This project begins in a very significative year, since 2018 is the European year of Cultural Heritage, during which it is expected to increase the commitment of the European citizens to their culture […]

ITE e ITC trabajan para reducir los costes energéticos en la industria cerámica

El sector industrial es uno de los principales focos de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero del planeta, siendo una de las áreas prioritarias a las que se dirigen las políticas y estrategias de reducción de emisiones debido a su amplia contribución al calentamiento global. Un peso importante del problema lo representa el sector cerámico […]

La industria química analiza las oportunidades de financiación del sector

El pasado 9 de marzo, tuvo lugar la jornada “De la innovación al crecimiento: oportunidades de financiación 2018 para el sector químico” en la que se reunieron un gran número de profesionales del sector. La innovación es la fuente principal de los adelantos de esta industria que lidera los gastos en investigación y desarrollo tecnológico […]

Joaquín Font de Mora, Vicepresidente de REDIT: “Es necesario que las empresas apuesten firmemente por la innovación”

La asamblea de REDIT ha elegido al empresario Joaquín Font de Mora como Vicepresidente I. Font de Mora es el máximo responsable de la empresa Vidres, una firma castellonense con más de 40 años de historia dedicada a la fabricación y comercialización de esmaltes para el sector azulejero. Para el empresario, la clave del éxito […]

REDIT se incorpora a la Federación Española de Centros Tecnológicos

El pasado día 28 de febrero tuvo lugar en Madrid la XLVI Asamblea General de la Federación Española de Centros Tecnológicos. De los diferentes temas que integraron el orden del día destacó la aprobación de la incorporación de REDIT como miembro de Fedit. Fedit es la Federación Española de Centros Tecnológicos. Se constituyó en 1996 […]

El ITC muestra a varios institutos tecnológicos de REDIT la implantación de la industria 4.0 en el azulejo con una visita a Colorker

El Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) desarrolla en Colorker, S.A. el proyecto CEBRA-Ceramic Brain cuyo objetivo es la transformación de una planta de fabricación cerámica tradicional hacia la implantación de la industria 4.0. Dada la creciente importancia de este cambio que afecta a la práctica totalidad de los sectores productivos, una delegación de representantes de […]

AITEX crea la unidad técnica de cosmética

El Conseller de Economía Sostenible, Rafael Climent, la directora general del IVACE, Júlia Company, junto con el director de AITEX, Vicente Blanes han presentado esta mañana en Alcoy la nueva Unidad de Cosmética del Instituto Tecnológico Textil (AITEX) “una reivindicación histórica de un sector dinámico y emergente que pedía apoyo investigador”, ha señalado Climent. A […]

Las propiedades de la genisteína previenen el Alzheimer

AINIA y el Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria (INCLIVA) están trabajando conjuntamente en el diseño y desarrollo de alimentos funcionales a partir de la genisteína, una isoflavona obtenida de la soja con propiedades que podrían prevenir la enfermedad de Alzheimer. Según los datos del Centro Nacional de Epidemiología, actualmente existen alrededor de 400.000 personas que padecen […]

El Secretario General de Ciencia e Innovación destaca la labor de los centros tecnológicos de apoyo a la innovación de las empresas en España

El secretario general de Ciencia e Innovación del Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad y Presidente del CDTI, Juan María Vázquez, ha destacado la labor de los centros tecnológicos en el impulso de la innovación en España durante la presentación del libro “Empresas que cambian el mundo”, editado por la Red de Institutos Tecnológicos de […]

La Asamblea General de REDIT elige al empresario Joaquín Font de Mora como Vicepresidente

La Asamblea General de REDIT ha elegido a Joaquín Font de Mora como nuevo Vicepresidente de la asociación. Font de Mora es consejero del Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) y el máximo representante de la esmaltera Vidres, empresa fundada en Castellón en 1975, y que se dedica a la fabricación y comercialización de esmaltes para […]

Expertos europeos debaten en una jornada en AIJU sobre el diseño de áreas de juego

Expertos europeos han debatido sobre la seguridad para las áreas de juego en una Jornada bajo el título “Presente y futuro en el diseño de áreas de juego más seguras y desafiantes” en las instalaciones del Instituto Tecnológico- AIJU. La Jornada, a la que han acudido unas 100 personas, se enmarca dentro del proyecto europeo […]

El IBV desarrolla un innovador sistema para valorar la columna cervical de los accidentados de tráfico

El Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) presentó el martes 13 de febrero el sistema Waas/IBV para la valoración de la columna cervical de los accidentados de tráfico en la Semana del Seguro 2018 en el Espacio Experience, que se está desarrollando en Madrid del 13 al 15 de febrero. Como explica el director de Innovación en […]

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