The Institute of Computer Technology (ITI) participates in a research project of investigation that exploits the technologies and development of software in the building of an integral platform for independent life and accessibility for all citizens.

In collaboration with the company Treelogic (project coordinator) and the Investigation, Development, and Tiflotecnic Application Centre (CIDAT), created by ONCE, ITI is working on the development of new information technologies and communication, as well as software solutions that will guarantee the accessibility for all people. This way, architectural and communications barriers that prevent for having an ordinary life will be erased.

Through the project ViaBLE, that counts on the Financing of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, ITI is participating in the investigation and exploitation of the possibilities that technologies Web 2.0, the geographic information Systems and the free software offer, in order to develop a solution that will guaranty the independent life of people, allowing to provide real updated information about the accessibility to the cities.

Being able to know the degree of accessibility to a city is of a vital importance for those people that have some kind of functional limitation, that is to say, blind people or elderly people for instance. It also means and important benefit for the whole population.

The system will offer updated information about the accessibility to public roads based on a cartographic system, indicating, besides, the most appropriate route for the journey according to the user characteristics.

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