With the advice of the Valencia’s Agency of Energy (AVEN) and through the Automotive Technological Network (REDITA), the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE) coordinates the project EPV (Electrical Powered Vehicles) with a consortium of nine leading enterprises in several sectors (Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica S.A, Movilidad Urbana Sostenible, Power Electronics, Nutai, GND, Tecnibat, CPD, IDOM and Montesol), to identify the consumption patterns and the new infrastructure of battery charge and regulation model.

Likewise, Iberdrola and other associates have analysed the use of wind power to charge cars, adapting the demand of energy associated to this type of vehicles to periods of maximum generation. This project is jointly funded by the Valencia Regional Government, through Strategic Industrial Diversification Actions for year 2009 of the Regional Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Innovation and European Funds for Regional Development.

One of the objectives is to investigate the Li-Ion batteries field, for its use in the auto industry. Another of the main studies of the project EPV is the normalization of load stations, their characteristics, the driver communications and the setting out of a management and accounting system.

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