Season after season, feminine footwear collections stand out for the variety in the high Hills design. High hills set the changing trends in fashion. Up to a few years, the modelling of new types of high hills was based on handmade designs. The shoe designer carved on wood the high hill model, to scale it in different sizes afterwards. The objective of the project initiated by the Footwear and Related Industries Technological Institute (INESCOP) is to offer a faster, much more reliable and efficient working method. INESCOP aims at promoting innovation in this industrial sector.

INESCOP resorted to the experience of a renowned high hill shoe designer to work on a computer design tool, which once developed, has been put at the disposal of footwear companies. The elaboration of high hill prototypes is faster and much more reliable now. The input of changes and variants has been simplified enormously. Besides, this trade has gained attractive to young professionals, interested in this modality. Enterprises create new sections and incorporate more advanced technologies, substituting manual machines for other number controlled machines.

This project has been introduced by INESCOP in several enterprises of the sector, such as Tacones Gamar in Elda.

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