AINIA Technological Centre has recently collaborated with San Ramón Farm in Requena in order to get the first agro industrial Spanish biogas plant started.

The plant obtains a fountain of renewable energy denominated biogas, which will be exploited as electricity and heat and also used to obtain fertilizing products.

The plant has 45.000 tones a year capacity, 35.000 tones come from the faro cow dung and 10.000 tones come from cooperatives and orange juice production plants.

These waste materials generate 4.000.000 kWh per year, what equals the electric energy consumed for 307 dwellings and 2.808 tones of reduction of CO2 emissions.

AINIA has developed multiple tests and also technical, economic, environment and energetic studies of this pioneer facility.

This initiative has received the support of the programme for the aids to innovation of IMPIVA in consecutive years, as well as funding from the Valencia Energy Agency.

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