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A substantial number of the actions undertaken by the Centers that integrate REDIT in the field of international cooperation has enjoyed financial support from national (AECID) and international (IDB, European Union) agencies and have been carried out in collaboration with agencies like NGOs, governments of third countries and business associations.

Moreover, the Network performs the following actions abroad:

  • In collaboration with the Valencia's Institute for Export (IVEX) REDIT carried out several technological missions to countries such as Chile, Japan, Germany, Belgium, USA, China, Brazil, Hungary and Romania, with the participation of the Technological Institutes of REDIT.
  • In cooperation with organizations such as the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and the World Bank has developed projects in cooperation in order to transfer our Model Technology Center and Network to countries like Peru, Tunisia and Morocco.
  • REDIT wellcomes in its headquarters international delegations. Recently become interested in the activity of the Network delegations of Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Tunisia, China, Algeria, Russia, Ecuador, Thailand ... These visits have been used to establish contacts with universities, technology centers and companies that have materialized in different partnerships with business associations and governments of different countries.
  • REDIT coordinates the submission of biddings and the subsequent projects development related to different programs of different international (IDB, ADB, AfDB ...) and European (EuropeAid, DG Entreprise ...) entitites. These projects cover wide-ranging interests and affect different sectors.

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