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The Network of Technology Institutes of the Region of Valencia is a private, non-profit association that was established in 2001 by the Technology Centres of the region whith the collaboration and the support of  the Regional Government.

REDIT is composed of 11 Technological Institutes associated that offer a wide range of advanced R&D&I aimed at companies, especially SME´s, which need the support of external agents to innovate.

  • REDIT´s mission is to contribute to the regional, national and international recognition of the Technology Institutes as a model of efficient organisation in the Science, Technology and Enterprise System.
  • REDIT´s vision is to become the organism that joins, integrates and represents the Technological Centres, which are a model in the public – private collaboration and which, individually and collectivelly, aspire to the international excellence and leadership in R&D&I and support the competitiveness of businesses through innovation.

REDIT's mission is to contribute to the development of knowledge and its application in society, in business and other agents, through the enhancement of R & D + i generated in REDIT centers, grouping TT. CC. strengthening relationships and fostering close cooperation between them, and the establishment of partnerships and cooperation with all of the Science, Technology and Business. To this end, the mission should materialize through the development of the following principles, which form the strategic vision REDIT

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