The President of REDIT Fernando Saludes and the regional director of Sabadell Bank, Jaime Matas, have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the associates of the Network will have a preferential access to the financial products of the entity.

The Balneario Las Arenas Hotel has hosted an event organized by the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Region (REDIT) in honor of the entrepreneur Damián Frontera, who was the president of the association for the last 11 years.

The meeting, which brought together more than 200 participants, was preceded by the first edition of B2B Made from Plastic. During the event, AIMPLAS and AVEP deliber the awards and recognitions of their respective associates.

The Deputy of European Projects of the Valencian Delegation, Bartholomew Nofuentes, has visited the facilities of AIDIMME to know the work developed by the Technology Centre in its various activities and the support provided to companies.

The Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) studies, through the OXIPLAN project, the processes and mechanisms of corrosion that suffer different kinds of materials in different environments within industrial production plants.

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