The CEEIs of the Region of Valencia together with REDIT and CDTI have held an Infoday at the headquarters of the Valencian Business Confederation (CEV) to facilitate the access of innovative technology companies of Valencia to the 2017 Neotec call for 20 million euros.

The members of the Industry Commission of the Valencian Courts have visited the AITEX's facilities in the framework of a series of meetings scheduled from REDIT in order to know the activities and projects that are currently being carried out at the Technological Center.

ITE will develop a research project with which it seeks to find a solution to the social and environmental problems that each year causes the management of rice straw in the Albufera natural park.

AIJU provided a total of 60,284 technological services to 1,533 companies throughout 2016. This figure represents a 6% increase over the previous year, where the entity made 56,627 technological services mainly to SMEs.

The company Plásticos Romero, in collaboration with AIMPLAS, has led a project to approach, from a sustainable point of view, the production of containers manufactured from complex structures.

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